How to Rent, Sell, or Buy a Property in Ethiopia ?

how renting properties work in ethiopia ?
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How Buying & selling Properties Work In Ethiopia ?
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How to post your property on Real Ethio ?

Listing Your Property

We are offering property owners to post there properties and have potential customers to contact them directly through our website.
you will be able keep track of the email leads that was sent from the property listing page .

see how many visitors checked your listings and from which country.

we promote our site through different channels to maximize exposure to potential client.
owners will be offered different packages to choose from, after confirmation of receiving payment, the property will be published and renewal will be optional upon repayment of the fee .

create listing service is available for property owners only for the moment, and listing publishing will be subject to verification and assessment of the quality of the submitted information.
Notice: Our company operates exclusively under the name of Mr. Masresha Fisseha and through the website. We are not responsible for work done through other websites or through other agents.

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